Texas Grand Prix

2015 Texas Grand Prix Rules


The following rules apply to have a match counted as part of the 2015 Texas Grand Prix.

1. Only AAFTA member clubs in good standing can host a Grand Prix match.

2. A venue or club may host as many as two Grand Prix matches.

3. Grand Prix match venues must award plaques or trophies at their Grand Prix match, only for their event. First-place must be awarded in any class with at least three shooters; second place in any class with at least five shooters; and third place in any class with seven or more shooters.  

4. An announcement of the match should be submitted to the Grand Prix Director as early as possible, at least one month before the event.

5. Rifle matches must consist of 50 or more shots; pistol matches at least 36 shots.

6. No less than 10% and no more than 20% of the shots should be forced-position shots.

7. Average course difficulties must be at least 28 Troyer, before wind and lighting multipliers.

8. At least 12 shooters must compete in a rifle match to qualify an event as a rifle Grand Prix match. At least 5 shooters must contest a pistol match for the event to qualify as a pistol Grand Prix match.

9. Scores from a class that gets consolidated with another are allowed, but the shooter must also comply with the rules of the consolidated class. If the shooter chooses not to consolidate, the shooter’s score will still be considered for the Grand Prix.

10. Scores will be normalized based on the highest score of the match (which represents 100%).

11. Match results and per-course Troyer calculations must be submitted to the Grand Prix Director no more than 15 days after the match.

12. Match Directors may request of the Grand Prix Director deviations of any or these rules for consideration, but only until their match announcement is circulated.


A. The following Grand Prix Champion awards will be presented by the Grand Prix Director- Open Rifle Champion, Hunter Rifle Champion, WFTF Rifle Champion, Piston Rifle Champion, Open Pistol Champion and Hunter Pistol Champion.

B. Grand Prix Champion awards will be presented at the last match of the Grand Prix season, that possibly being the 2015 RoT State Championship match.

C. For each competitor, a minimum of two Grand Prix match scores are required and a maximum of three Grand Prix scores are counted per Grand Prix award.

D. A minimum of 3 shooters with the same number of qualified scores are required per award. For example, with less than 3 shooters with 3 or more scores, but at least 3 shooters with 2 or more scores, the award will be based on the best two scores per shooter.

The Grand Prix Director reserves the right to make decisions and changes related to these rules as necessary to facilitate fairness, efficiency and the best interest of the Grand Prix.